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3's the Charm, Or Re-rescuing Honey

We adopted Honey to a young Alamogordo woman in 2011, after rescuing her from death-row. Back then, our adoption requirements weren't as careful. We didn't require references from a veterinarian, showing that the potential adopters had a track record of compassionate, responsible, care- and commitment to their past and current pets.

This is the kind of situation that caused us to upgrade our standards, and why it takes no-kill shelters longer to adopt out pets than animal control facilities, that 'ask no questions' and have to adopt to anyone.

Last year, we received the heartbreaking kind of call we hate to get, a call that should NEVER happen, a call from the great folks at Alamogordo Animal Control. AAC takes the welfare of pets seriously, AND the costs to the taxpayer seriously. Think about it- why

SHOULD New Mexico's (or any) taxpayers, whether in Otero County or anywhere else, pay for the care or destruction of Animal Village NM adopted pets, when we ALWAYS take them back? Those who follow our Facebook page know that we have raised money to get our pets back from as far as North Carolina, Florida, and Texas when they were in danger again, when their adopters didn’t keep their commitments of lifetime homes, or were in trouble themselves, and went into care facilities, or lost their jobs or homes, or worse.

So when the staff at Alamogordo Animal Control scanned Honey for a microchip, they saw right away that she’d been adopted from Animal Village NM, and as they couldn’t get a responsible response from the adopter, they called us right away.

We are SO grateful to these folks at AAC. That's never a concern with Alamogordo Animal Control- they always call us - because they know, after all these years, that we ALWAYS go get our babies right away!

Well, it was no different with Honey, and after rooming for almost a year with our handsome Braveheart, we made Honey one of our 'FREEdom Pets', one of 27 pets available for adoption without an adoption fee.

Great news: Honey has been adopted to Lenora Stevens, of Hatch, NM!

We spoke to Lenora today, and she is SO happy! "I was so broken-hearted when I contacted Animal Village NM," Lenora said. "I had just lost my little doggy and my house was so lonely. Honey has totally changed everything, and she's so adorable, she sleeps at the foot of my bed or on a little table with a blankey by the bed.. I took her to the vet for her first wellness checkup, and they just LOVED her! It's a testament to what you do with these dogs at Animal Village NM, because she just pranced in there and gave everyone kisses, like she'd known them all her life!

"Thank you for saving Honey...she's kind of saving me."


Let's keep the spreading the happy tails!

Contact us with your happy tails!

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