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Pet Food Bank Program

The beauty of giving and receiving is alive and well at AnimalVillageNM, thanks to our compassionate donors! To assist those in need, we offer our Pet Food Bank. This program allows area 501c3 food banks and local residents struggling to feed their pets, to receive free pet food on an available basis.

Do you want to donate food? 

For those who wish to donate food, please provide dry food or canned food for dogs and/or cats. This food is distributed to pet guardians in need, and your generosity helps to keep pets in their homes who might otherwise have to be brought to a kill facility.

Do you want to receive food? - Volunteer/Food Exchange

For those receiving food, please offer to volunteer at the shelter. Free Programs are NEVER free for those providing them, and we need help to keep these free and low-cost programs going.


Just a few hours can make a huge difference!

Please phone for an appointment to receive food for your pets in need, as we operate by appointment only due to COVID restrictions.

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