This page provides an FAQ, along with a list of different links that lead to useful information for pet owners. It is frequently being updated for the convenience of our visitors. 

  • FAQ:

  • "Can you take a dog/cat that I have found?"

    • AnimalVillageNM is not legally authorized to take in strays. This is because a potential owner could be looking for said animal at animal control. 

  • "Do you have (specific breed) avaiable for adoption?" 

    • AnimalVillageNM takes in a variety of cats and dogs from different life of death situations and is not a breed specific shelter. You may view our available animals at this link

  • "What does your adoption process looks like?"

    • AnimalVillageNM is currently by appointment only due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. We ask that you submit our online application along with a $25 processing fee. Our application requires solid veterinary references, proof that you are an experienced pet guardian, and an at-home visit to ensure the safety of your housing. After your application has been approved, we will schedule a meet and greet with the pet of your choosing. You may find more information on the process at this link.

  • "I am no longer able to keepy my dog/cat, will you take them in?" 

    • AnimalVillageNM only accepts animals that have absolutely no advocates of their own, or that have been adopted directly from our shelter. Before you call or email to relinquish an animal that has not been​ adopted from our facility, please know that we are not able to take them in as you qualify as their advocate. A link below will be provided with resources on how to proceed with the animal that you are relinquishing. ​​

  • "Are you a vet/Do you provide veterinary services?"

    • AnimalVillageNM is an animal shelter and does not provide veterinary services. However, with our PAW (Partnership for Animal Welfare) services, we are able to help you apply for low cost spay/neuter and vaccination services. You may read more about these services at this link.

  • "Why is there a $25 application fee?"

    • AnimalVillageNM is a non-profit, and every minute of our time is valuable. It takes time and effort to contact all of the references that we ask be provided, and a large percentage of our funding comes exclusively from public donation. Our animals are rescued from death row, and any experienced pet owner knows that these animals may be special needs. AnimalVillageNM also seeks to provide high quality food to our animals, along with good boarding conditions and excellent veterinary care. All of this requires time and money. If your application is rejected, this is considered a donation towards the well being of our animals. If accepted, that $25 ammount is included into your adoption fee.

  • "Are you still accepting (physical item) donations?"

    • Absolutely! Be it toys, blankets, aluminum cans, shoes, dog or cat food, pet beds, kennels, you name it! We greatly appreciate physical donations, as they provide enrichment and funding for our animals.

  • Resources 

Below are a series of links and phone numbers that provide more information to our site visitors. If you have any resources that may be considered useful, you may contact us at


    • PetroglyphsNM is a comprehensive, breed, cat, dog, and size specific list of over 100 New Mexico animals shelters, along with a hub of information and resources for current and considering animal caretakers. This is the site that you would want to look over if you have an animal that you need to relinquish. Please note that​ many New Mexico shelters are unfortunately understaffed, so much time and patience is needed if you are attempting to relinquish your animal to a safe environment. 

  • Animal Protection of New Mexico (APNM)​

    • Animal Protection of New Mexico is an organization dedication to ending animal cruelty in New Mexico, and provides a vast amount of resources to those seeking to help local stray pets. They take the time and effort to monitor their cruelty hotline to stop animal abuse and neglect. This is an excellent resource if you are looking to help local animals or rehome your pet.

  • pet cost report 

    • BetterPet is a wonderful team of pet experts that provide resources for new and experienced pet owners alike. Provided in this specific link, BetterPet provides in-depth information on how much caring for an animal really costs. This is something that should be seriously considered by individuals seeking to adopt. Check out their website for other very helpful information and tips. 

  • Otero County Animal Facility

    • (575)-434-2959 ​

    • If you are in the Tularosa, New Mexico area and you are dealing with an animal emergency, this is the phone number to their local animal control. AnimalVillageNM does not deal with dangerous or stray animals. We do not want to see dogs or cats killed, however we must abide by the law.

  • Alamogordo City Animal Control 

    • (575)-439-4330

    • If you are in the Alamogordo, New Mexico area and you are dealing with an animal emergency, this is the phone number to their local animal control. AnimalVillageNM does not deal with dangerous or stray animals. We do not want to see dogs or cats killed, however we must abide by the law.

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