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Volunteers are needed on a daily basis to support AnimalVILLAGENM.


Help Needed: 

  • Transport Drivers (good driving records necessary) 

  • Transport prep (organizing crates, loading pets and supplies)

  • K-9  trainers & behaviorists

  • Marketing experts, photographers, & event planners

  • Foster homes, groomers, ‘Doggy Day-Out’ partners

  • Clean-up crews (cleaning van after transports), Program Development teams

  • Handy folks (automotive, plumbers, landscapers, painters)

  • CPAs, lawyers, business people 

  • Fund-raiser support, Grant writers, Board members, and collection helpers.


ALL are urgently needed to make AnimalVILLAGENM a vital and permanent part of New Mexico's animal-lovers' landscape.

To begin volunteering, complete the Volunteer Application below. You will be scheduled to attend one of our weekly volunteer orientations, by appointment.

NOTE: With COVID-19 restrictions in place, meetings may vary.

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