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Back to Back Events- Back to Back Success!

Alamogordo Earth Day, April 28, 2018

Alamogordo Earth Day was beautiful, and hugely successful! Our goals were two, and we accomplished both. One, we wanted to raise awareness about Animal Village NM’s wonderful adoptable pets, boarding services and training programs. Two, raise a little money to pay bills!

Well, we had a great space, right by the Chamber of Commerce in between the Alamogordo Space Museum and Solar Power folks, and one booth over from the Otero County Sheriff’s Office, who were offering the great Child Protection I.D. program- great neighbors, huh?

It was a gorgeous day, and the event drew record numbers of folks celebrating Earth Day. At times there were lines of people waiting to learn more from volunteer Lisa Yehle about our sister program, P.A.W. and registering their pets for low-cost spay and neuter surgeries! It was wonderful! We had several people turn in volunteer programs, sold many of our Night-Blooming Cereus plants, and talked to many people who wanted to know more about what we do at Animal Village NM. With our plant sales and 50-50 raffle (thanks, Kate Perschbacher!), we raised about $300, which made it about a break even event, because we had lots of extra staff costs during the week, to organize and make the event happen.

Thanks to all who supported this breezy, amazing event, which we love to be a part of, with so many other great non-profits improving the quality of life here in New Mexico!

‘Cinco Dog MeowO’ at the White Sands Mall

The very next week after Earth Day, it was time for our first annual, ‘Cinco Dog MeowO’ adoption event, hosted by the beautifully remodeled White Sands Mall (with brand new Hobby Lobby) and sponsored by Alberston’s Markets. Remember that great contest we won, ‘Favorite Rescue,’ in January? Well, this was the result (additional to the donation of $1,000 which was amazing) of that contest! Samantha Hoover, Director of Digital Marketing at Albertson’s, was great to work with, and they supplied flyers and marketing support- like displaying our adoptable pets’ photos at the check stands at Albertson’s Alamogordo! It’s so exciting to see this when we shop there, and it required a HUGE effort by our staff, to get new photos and videos of ALL 60 PLUS adoptable pets here- whew!

Our goals were this time three-fold. We always need to raise awareness about our great adoptable dogs and cats and community programs, and raise funds for expenses. But this time, we needed great adoptions- we did it- it was great! Jasper, our wonderful cat who thinks he’s a dog was adopted to a super home, and is doing fantastic. Jessica Rabbit, our former emaciated Pibby mommy who gave us 6 pups, was adopted and is now working with her new dad in the teen probation office, where EVERYONE has fallen in love with her! And two of our young house-lions, Nevermore and Raven were also adopted to a great home. We were thrilled!

The overall response was terrific, and although we couldn’t used a LOT more volunteers during the week to help clean and organize tables and chairs, crates and pets, our staff pitched in and made it work, on top of all their other work. The result nationwide to fewer volunteers entering the non-profit world is the same for us all, and a huge challenge. It means more staff hours and increased costs- just what non-profits DON’T need, right?

But good news, we had amazing support with volunteers at the event! Thanks to former city attorney Canon Stevens, we had a terrific group of ladies who handled adoption applications, plant booth, worked with vendors, and answered questions, as well as handling and walking our wonderful dogs around the mall! It was heartwarming and affirming to see how surprised visitors were, about how well-trained our dogs were, and we heard that over and over again. We were so proud of our dogs, and the efforts of our staff- it was so encouraging. Our staff works SO hard, in all kinds of weather, keeping our dogs training and healthy, happy and social, that it was just terrific for them to see the appreciation of their work, from the public. We were proud, and I don’t mind writing that. We should be. No one else does what Animal Village NM does to offer trained, sociable, healthy pets to loving guardians, all over North America.

Vendors and sponsors at the first annual ‘Cinco Dog MeowO’ adoption event included PHD Pets and Helping Dogs, Service Dog and K-9 Training, Sierra Club, Rio Grande Chapter, Pat Papson Farmer's Insurance with Pet Health Insurance, P.A.W. Program Low-cost $45 Spay-Neuter Registrations, Bill Garza for Sheriff, DNA BioBanking for humans & animals, Happy Elf Clean Service, Holdridge Enterprises Appliance Repair & Sales, Manuel's Unique Hand Crafted Decor, Instant Custom Pet I.D. Tags. Albertson’s Market was also be in attendance, sponsoring the event and rolling out their new grain free pet food, with event samples and other pet goodies.

An added bonus, Cindy Courtier of H & R Block came by with donations of food for our free pet food bank, and she and others dropped off dozens of pairs of used shoes for our year-round shoe drive!

Lisa Yehle, our super P.A.W. program volunteer signed up more responsible pet guardians who needed the low-cost spay neuter program, again lowering the numbers of unwanted litters to be born. And we gave away a super bike to a lucky family, felt great about several children now protected by the Child I.D. program with the Otero County Sheriff’s Department, and watched as always in awe- as Lukas with Pets and Helping Dogs showed folks how to train their dogs for a great life together!

Thanks to all who supported this terrific effort, which is still bringing benefits with more interest in our pets, pet boarding services, and low-cost spay-neuter program, P.A.W.!

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