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Transport- the New Lifesaving MIRACLE!

We are convinced by these results that transport is the answer to rescuing thousands of dogs and cats in the coming years, and we are happy to say that because of the health and training of our dogs (see, ‘Why Our Pets are Vibrantly Healthy’ on our website), we are adding more rescue partners every week!

We want to give HUGE thanks to our new board president, Richard Feit (see his letter of introduction in this newsletter), who transported our most recent three passengers, Cecil the Old English Bulldog (rescued in the Dona Ana County Old English Bulldog Puppy Mill rescue), Red Rider the Red Heeler puppy, and Dawn (both rescued from the Mescalero Apache Reservation). Richard has transported dogs and puppies over thousands of miles for AnimalVILLAGENM, and we are grateful that he has accepted the position and challenge of being our Board President! Huge and still amazed thanks also to AnimalVILLAGENM Care Supervisor, Laura Hart, for her untiring efforts driving through the night with Pam Maanum (beloved SUPERdopter and long-time supporter). These two angels drove in Pam’s truck

with our dogs in her horse trailer (leaving at midnight during the coolest hours) to Mesa, Arizona, to meet the Corgipalooza bus, for our first transport of 18 dogs and puppies. It broke Laura’s heart to say goodbye to our babies, especially when Jelly Beans, at our shelter for four years, put his paw for one last hug. Soon after, our hearts began to heal when we saw Jelly Beans truly happy, swimming in the ocean for the first time in this water doggy’s life!

Judith Nemerovski Flink of Chicago, learned about AnimalVILLAGENM when her sister-in-law, Lisa Booko, came from Chicago and adopted our Old English Bulldog, ‘Beckham’ (follow his antics with adoptive brother Messi on their Facebook page at . Judith became a supporter and has literally kept our doors open during difficult times. Judi has provided financial assistance and mentoring on a constant basis. Judith’s business acumen, and long career in educating educators across America, has brought incredible support to me personally. This expert assistance has also made it possible for me to embrace the transport model, which I never had the courage to do until now. Along the way, Judith brought her friend, JoDee Walsh Sharps to the cause. JoDee has offered incredible editing support, and is now running a shoe drive fundraiser in Chicago. She has also brought the gift of her loving, sparkly heart, and enthusiasm that often brings mine back during challenging moments. Thank you, Judith Nemerovski Flink, and JoDee Sharps Walsh, now and forever!

In 2020, we now know that we can transport 1,000 dogs and cats to great, pet friendly states in the Pacific Northwest, and Colorado.

We know that this is the logical, compassionate thing to do. And now, after years of researching this model, and seeing firsthand the huge benefits for our four-legged sweethearts, our commitment to transporting 1,000 pets (those un-adopted within 45 days) faces two significant challenges:

  1. We MUST have a reliable, spacious vehicle to transport dogs to NO-KILL partner locations.

  2. We MUST have continuing and committed funding to make this lifesaving program possible. This is where you come in. Whether you have witnessed our efforts for years, or for months…we need YOUR financial commitment in any amount possible, to grow this program successfully. We’d like to be transporting 5,000 dogs and cats annually to pet-friendly states, by 2025. Help us get them there! Show New Mexico’s abandoned animals that you, as Mike Arms said to me and Nancy so many years ago, are the ones who LOVE animals! Please, DONATE NOW, with a one-time gift or as a monthly sponsor, at!

With an attitude of gratitude, I remain,

Sunny Aris, Co-Founder, AnimalVILLAGENM

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