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Low-Cost Spay-Neuter Program


Our low-cost spay-neuter program provides assistance to low-income pet guardians. Spaying or Neutering your pet reduces the rate of homeless pets in your area and is crucial in New Mexico, the state with the HIGHEST RATE OF PET ABANDONMENT IN AMERICA: where 135,000 pets are abandoned to kill facilities every year. Vaccinations reduce the spread of deadly diseases that can damage the health of your neighbors, their pets, and local wildlife.


AnimalVillageNM has had to temporarily suspend registrations for this crucial service, due to funding shortages. Please donate NOW at See updates on our social media pages!

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Eligibility Requirements:

To be eligible for our PAW program, you must provide proof that you: 

  • ​Receive EBT or Medicaid​

  • Have a Household Annual Family Income of $30,000 or less


Cost of spaying/neutering your pet:

  • $45 reservation fee; paid to veterinarian/nonrefundable; no checks

  • $35 additional fee if dog or cat is pregnant, or in heat

  • $12-$15 for additional pain medication (medication for day of surgery only is provided at no cost; additional 4 days of pain medication is recommended.


To qualify for receiving these low-cost surgeries, note that:

  • You must provide documentation showing that your dog or cat is up to date on the following vaccinations: rabies (legally required by all states, counties, and municipalities), canine or feline distemper/parvo, & Bordetella, (aka ‘kennel cough’).

  • If vaccinations are not up-to-date, vaccinations can be provided - at expense of the guardian- at the time of spay/neuter appointment. Payment to the veterinarian is due when scheduling appointment at the clinic and is nonrefundable.


Please note: 

  • You may only schedule two surgeries with our PAW program per year.

Please donate when you see our Animal Village NM donation boxes around town!

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