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About Us

AnimalVILLAGENM is a no-kill animal welfare organization located in Otero County of southern New Mexico.
We seek to provide a safe second chance for selected cats and dogs rescued from life or death situations.
Through our thorough adoption process, we have adopted out over 1,000 animals to safe and loving forever homes.

Not only do we rescue animals from death row, but we also provide assistance to low-income individuals through our Partnership for Animal Welfare (PAW) program. This program provides financial aid to qualifying individuals in need of vaccination or spay/neuter services for their pet.
AnimalVillageNM also provides a pet food-bank that is available for qualifying low-income individuals. We want to ensure that the local pets in our area are fed, and that their caregivers are given the chance to give their animals what they need.

AnimalVillageNM is NOT LEGALLY ALLOWED to accept stray pets. If you have an animal you must relinquish, please contact your local MUNICIPAL FACILITY.
If you need to return an AnimalVillageNM pet, contact us IMMEDIATELY at, or leave a message at 575-446-4685.

Our Mission

Our mission is to stop the killing of thousands of dogs and cats abandoned at AC facilities. Because of the enormous number of pets being abandoned, New Mexico’s under-staffed and under-funded animal control facilities cannot keep them alive until committed homes are found. The vast majority of abandoned pets in New Mexico and in the United States never make it out of shelters alive. 
We seek to help these cats and dogs that have no advocates of their own. AnimalVillageNM has dedicated our time and efforts towards providing animals transportation to No-Kill shelters. Alongside these efforts, we also seek to adopt out our rescued animals to loving forever homes that wish to provide the same quality of care that AnimalVillageNM has.

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