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We were really sad, it was looking like we’d have to close down our Pet Food Bank, which we’ve offered to pet guardians in need since B.C.A.V.N.M (Before Creation of Animal Village NM)! There are so many pets who end up in animal control facilities because their guardians are in financial trouble, that this has helped many many pets stay safely in their homes. And here we were, with no dog food and people begging for help, some with tears in their eyes, dreading having to take that final step...the drive to the pound with their beloved dogs.

We went to Twice Blest Thrift Store, and asked for their help, filled out an application for help, also to help us pay a high school student to develop our Facebook gift store, our ‘Rescued Hearts Emporium,’ (now up and running)!

Twice Blest donated $1,000.00 to help us! Thanks to the generosity of this wonderful organization, and the help of our co-founder, Nancy Berg, who also donated, we now again have dog and cat food to help pet guardians in need. God bless you all who help these wonderful dogs and cats, wherever you live.

Please share this information with everyone you know- just forward this email to everyone!

We have hundreds of wonderful affordable gifts and usable items, new and vintage, collectible and pet oriented, housewares and clothing, toys and one of a kind art, paintings, it’s an incredible selection of ‘something for everyone!’ And all of it has been donated to help us meet the costs of care for 60 dogs and cats currently in our care.

Bless and keep all those who volunteer at Twice Blest Thrift Store in Alamogordo, thank you Lord, for people like these.

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