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Spring Fling

Our Spring Fling Means… 2 Pets, One Adoption Free! We are so grateful that with the support of our donors, we have been able to re-rescue all of our abandoned pets, and those who were no longer wanted in their adoptive homes, after years. At the same time, each pet increases the cost of staff hours, meals, supplements, training (in the case of dogs) socialization, utility expenses, insurance and tax expenses. We’ve gotten all our babies re-checked and they’re all back to health, now we have to find them HOMES and get back to affordable numbers of pets, who all have enough personal attention from our staff, and a payroll we can manage. So, to help our pets AND our experienced, vet-recommended, committed potential adopters, we’re offering a ‘2-fer’, two wonderful pets, cats or dogs or one of each, for one adoption fee! Whichever pet has the higher adoption fee, that’s all the adoption fee that will be asked, despite thousands of dollars spent! In fact, we already have many dogs and cats who adore each other, and we’re including just a few photos of those ‘already pairs,’ here in this story! Check out Foxy Buttons and Lily, Squirt and Cisco, and Nevermore and Raven. Or, follow our adoption process, do your own ‘mix and match’, and we’ll find out how they get along! Never underestimate the respect your loved ones and friends, co-workers and acquaintances have for you. Forward this email to them, and let them be inspired to help our rescued hearts, also, wherever you live. New Mexico has a challenge no other state in America has, and that is to improve SO many things. We have one of the highest poverty levels, education systems in need of huge improvement, teenage pregnancy and DUI levels, unemployment- our abandoned dogs and cats need help not only FROM New Mexico, but from OUTSIDE New Mexico, to have a real chance. Help us get our pets into wonderful homes, either one at a time, or two at a time! If you’ve made the decision to make a lifetime commitment to a loving dog or cat- and you live in North America- take look at our wonderful, healthy cats and dogs at, and following the clearly explained adoption instructions. If you’re not interested in that kind of commitment at this time, please FORWARD this email to everyone you know- someone might just fall in love, or decide to help our no-kill shelter, just like you do. Bless you all who love and care for your pets, and help us do the same for our homeless dogs and cats, waiting for homes like yours, at Animal Village NM. Sunny Aris, Director Animal Village NM

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