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From Behind The Desk

So, today I am actually sitting behind a different desk. The computer that I usually do all my work from just quit. After a quick diagnostic test at MDC Computers we learned that the capacitors are shot. Even computers get old, and unfortunately, that is what happened today. The good news is, all the data can be saved, but the bad news is, we will need a new computer. There ya go! It really never ends does it? Just when you think it's all golden, you take another hit. But, that's life isn't it? Full of ups and downs. It's just a little more stressful when there are over 100 precious lives depending on you. And it's hard to do when you are a non-profit organization.

There are always unexpected costs, especially when you are taking care of so many pets. We had to make two visits to the veterinarian in July that added more stress to our poor checking account. Funny thing about veterinarians, they like to be paid for their services. We get that! I have been trying to build up a "reserve account" so that we would be able to apply for larger grants (they require that you have a certain amount of money in a reserve account in order to qualify for assistance), but now we will have to dip into that reserve.

I feel like Sunny and I are always asking for donations. The truth is, we are. As a non-profit, we are without a source of regular revenue. Boarding helps, and we really do enjoy taking care of everyone's precious pets while they are out of town, but it isn't a reliable regular source of income as it tends to be more seasonal. That is why we rely so heavily on regular monthly donors. The amount you give isn't as important as the fact that you give it every month, and we can count on that donation. Which is why we constantly ask our supporters to become monthly donors. It's easy to do with PayPal. They get you set up, help you create a recurring payment, and let us know about it. Once that is done, we know we can depend on that amount coming in every month.

Once again, I find myself asking for financial assistance from you, our loyal supporters. We have the most wonderful caregivers in the world, and we need to be able to pay them. We also have some of the sweetest rescued hearts in the world, and we need to be able to continue giving them the best care we can. We simply can't do it without your help! If everyone reading this newsletter gave just $5.00 a month, we wouldn't have to worry about paying our utilities, because they would be funded! I always say, "Every little bit helps". And it does!

I want to thank everyone of our regular monthly donors, you help keep us going. And thank you to everyone who just made a one-time donation, boarded your pet(s) with us, brought in needed supplies and volunteered in some way or other. Each one of you has helped keep Animal Village NM going, and you mean the world to us. We really Could Not do this without you!

Thank You!

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