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From Behind The Desk

It has been a crazy-busy couple of weeks since I sat here and pondered the universe. We had a very busy weekend, with our boarding kennels full of beloved pets, some who were adopted from here, and some new friends as well. There were lots of walks on the trail, and fun time spent in our beautiful park with our special guests. Yes, I came out from behind the desk to help with some of those walks, and I really did enjoy myself. I am glad all of our pet guardians had safe journeys and that we were able to love their pets while they were away.

While I always enjoy getting out from behind the desk, the bulk of my work requires me sitting in front of the computer. It's not glamorous or very exciting, but it is necessary to help keep AVNM running smoothly. There is one task I do, sitting behind this keyboard, that always makes me smile when I do it. I know, you are asking, "What office chore could possibly make anyone happy? Especially when you could be playing with precious rescued hearts instead?" It's a simple one really, one that doesn't take much time, but one that I am grateful to have to do. It's sending "Thank You's" to our regular monthly donors. Some are done by email, in response to a notice I receive from PayPal that a donation has been made, and some require me to put a stamp on an envelope in return for a donation that has been mailed to us.

When I first started doing this task, I was just trying to stay ahead of the game and make sure that each donor received a receipt for tax purposes. But, as time has gone by, I have begun to realize that each and every donation comes from someone who, like me, cares for our rescued hearts, and is contributing to help us continue. Donations from people I have never met, but feel as though I know anyway. People who, if I did meet them, I would feel compelled to hug them tightly, like I would a beloved Aunt or Uncle.

Each and every donation, no matter how much it is, or how it comes to us, is HUGE! It means that we can buy food, and supplies, and keep the electricity running, and pay our caregivers who take such wonderful care of our precious rescued hearts. And that is why, each time I type up an email, or put a stamp on an envelope, I am sending out more than just a tax receipt, I am sending a "Thank You" from the bottom of my heart, and smiling while I do it. "Thank You" never seems like enough, but it will have to do, because I can't send a hug in an email.

I hope that each and every one of you who donate know just how important you are to Animal Village NM, and to me. And, when you open your mail, please know that there is a very large "Virtual" hug in there, from me to you!

Thank You!


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