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From Behind The Desk

Every week at Animal Village NM brings new challenges, and I never know from one day to the next what will happen, where I will find myself, or what interesting thing I will be doing.

On Tuesday I found myself sitting in a dimly lit room, on a small cushion, with my arm around Missy D, as she received a bio-feedback treatment at C.A.P.P.E.D. I know, you are asking, why? Well, apparently, Missy D had a stroke on Monday. It affected her right side, and she was having trouble walking, and eating. I didn't even realize dogs and cats could have a stroke! But they had taken her to see the vet, who said that is what she suspected had happened. So, when Tresa Van Winkle offered the treatment, we knew we had to try it. So I jumped in the car with Missy D, and off we went. I have to say, I believe it helped her. So I agreed to go back again with her on Wednesday, for another treatment.

Why do we do things like that? Because we are walking our talk. When we look at potential adopters, we make sure they have excellent vet references, because we want to know that our rescued hearts will receive the best care from their guardians. If we are going to require that from our adopters, don't we have to make sure we are doing that as well? Of course! So, even when money is tight, if one of our rescued hearts needs veterinary attention, we make it happen right away!

We make the promise to them when we take them in, to give them the best care possible, and to find them the best forever homes as well. It's a hard line to walk sometimes. It would be so easy, to just adopt out to anyone who applies, and not do a home check, or check out their vet references. But, we would be doing these precious hearts a disservice. So, we check out every reference, and talk with the veterinarians, and we take the time to do a home check, so that every one of our rescued hearts gets the forever home they deserve.

Back to Missy D. Considering the horrible conditions we rescued her from, and the life she must have had, I was very surprised to find her an exceptionally sweet, gentle dog. She says hello to everyone, with a wag of her tail, she loves taking a ride in the car, and sits very happily in the back seat. She was concerned at first, with what exactly was happening to her, but then she began to feel better, and relaxed, and took a nap! (I might have snoozed a little too!) I am hoping that she will continue to improve, because she is a sweet soul who deserves a good life. I am also hoping that Animal Village NM will be able to continue to rescue pets like her for years to come. Yes, some days are tougher than others, and every day has it's unexpected surprises, but with so many precious lives at stake, we will continue on as long as we can. And we will do it with love, because that is how we roll!

Sometimes, the little things can make such a BIG difference. Tresa Van Winkle donated those treatments to help Missy D! Saying Thank You doesn't seem like enough, but it's all we can do. THANK YOU!

I don't know what waits for me at the office tomorrow, if I will have to come out from behind the desk, or not, but, I will be there doing whatever is needed, because my heart is at Animal Village NM, with all of these wonderful rescues.

Here's the part where I ask you to become a regular monthly donor. Every little bit helps, $5.00 or $10.00 donated on a regular basis can help pay for a rabies vaccine, or buy a bag of dog food. It all adds up and helps keep us in the business of saving lives! Thank You for your time.

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