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Getting Out From Behind The Desk

Working as the Office Manager at a No-Kill shelter may not sound very glamorous. My days are usually spent in front of the computer keeping up with Shelter Manager files, answering emails and phone calls, you know, office stuff. One day can blend into the next when you have this kind of job, but Animal Village NM is very different, because some days, I get out from behind the desk.

There is an adventure waiting to be had daily, depending on the circumstances. Most people don't realize that adopting out one of our rescued hearts isn't always as simple as handing someone a leash and saying "Here's your new forever pet". Sometimes we have to go a little farther than that. Sometimes, we have to go to Texas, or maybe Malibu, California! Making sure our precious cargo gets safely to a new mommy and daddy anxiously awaiting their arrival.

All of the rescued hearts here are like family, full of unconditional love, and sometimes fear because some of our pets were treated horribly before coming to safety at "The Village". There are videos of me with different fur babies in the office, and yes, some days I feel like I don't get any work done, but the truth is, I am working on socializing someone who, the day before, trembled and shrank away from an outreached human hand. Animal Village NM makes the commitment to every pet they rescue, to find them a forever home, this time around. That means each adoptable pet must be socialized, taken to obedience class to learn basic sits and stays, is up to date on all their shots, spayed or neutered, and fed the best nutrition we can afford to give them.

Saying goodbye to one of our precious adoptable pets is an emotional roller coaster ride. On one hand, we are so happy that they are getting the home they deserve, on the other hand they are leaving Animal Village NM. Tears mixed with laughter are the order of the day when an adoption happens. So much of each person that has donated their time and sweat to the care of that pet, goes home along with him or her. The hundreds of walks taken, food bowls given, poops cleaned up, all of those become part of that beautiful rescued heart, forever.

I don't take my job lightly. Saving these lives, is not just something you DO, it becomes who you ARE. I have multiple rescues living with me at home (so many, that I am officially on the Do Not Adopt list at AVNM). But I am dedicated to do whatever it takes to make a difference. Whether it's getting a text at 7:00 in the morning asking if I'm ready for a "road trip" to deliver a puppy to his new guardians, running a sick puppy to the vet, or cleaning up a tinkle accident in the office because someone forgot to use the puppy pad, I do it with love, because it is all part of the job. I am thankful for all our rescued hearts, volunteers, caregivers, donors and supporters, because none of this would be possible without each and every one! Stepping out from behind the desk, is one of the best parts of my job, even if it means I will have dog barf in the back seat of my car (the smell that keeps on smelling) and poop in my hair, I will keep doing it every day. God gave us these beautiful creatures that love us unconditionally, even though some humans are unkind and undeserving of that love. Animal Village NM will take it one heart at a time, and save as many as possible.

Yep, I am sitting behind the desk, writing this, and there is a precious rescued heart lying calmly on the floor at my feet. She isn't mine, but she is part of me, because I am part of Animal Village NM. Judi

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