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Petula and Her Magical Kissy Face

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful Olde English Bulldogge breeding slave by the name of Petula, held captive in a castle of disrepair, abuse, and neglect. What the few who ever saw Petulap noticed first about her was her exquisite beauty, and beautiful blue hair.

But sadly, her beauty was a curse, as it meant that she was used only to produce pretty puppies, who were thought to be sold to others who kept them to produce pretty puppies, to be sold to produce other pretty puppies to be sold...and so it went, most probably, as it does in most Castles of breeding slavery. Few know what happened to Petula's babies, and they don't reveal their is, sadly, such a place.

The conditions in the castle were those of filth and danger, and the king's men rarely ventured to those parts where Petula lived in isolation. When they did, Petula and the other breeding slaves thought each time they were there to rescue them, but each time, the kings men left without righting the wrongs being done to Petula and the other breeding slaves.

Each time, with less and less hope of being freed from her bondage, Petula became more and more hopeless, until one day, she retreated into her own heart. Petula stopped looking at others, stayed in the back of her dirty castle quarters, and never made eye contact with the castle guards who used cattle prods to keep the breeding slaves under control.

One day, a miracle occurred!

With one of the castle guards having abandoned her post, leaving the slaves without food or care, a former guard returned to the castle, finding the slaves fighting for food, some wounded and dying. Realizing that the cruelty had gone on long enough, the former guard, horrified, called upon the sovereign authority for help. But inexplicably, from everyone in the shrievalty...from the High Sheriff to his bailiffs, even by those charged with the care of the companion was denied.

The guard had a thought. The guard had heard that there was a village, a special village in a county far away, where God's four-legged creatures were cared for in special loving ways. A village where their wounds were repaired and their hearts were healed, and where kind-hearted people were found to give them loving homes.

The guard sent an emissary...and over a period of weeks, the people of the faraway Village of Animals came to the disreputable castle of breeding, over and over, rescuing slave after breeding slave. At last, Petula and her fellow breeding slaves had a chance to have the lives, and love, that had been denied to them.

Today, in the Village of Animals, Petula is considered a precious princess, who had a magical practice performed, that will keep her from being a breeding slave ever again.

And what the Villagers have learned is that all along, Petula had a magical kissing place on her lovely face. And every time someone kisses Petula on her kissing place, a bit of her heart is restored. Soon, with enough kisses, and play time, and training, Petula will leave her past behind, and play, and make eye contact, and feel joy at the touch of humans.

Will YOU come to help Petula learn to trust? We'll show you her magical kissy place.

Phone to bring Petula to our magical trust-restoring classes- TODAY.

Petula's Operators (and operators for the other freed breeding slaves) are standing by!

Animal Village NM 575-446-4685

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