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Our Sponsorships

Please become a monthly sponsor to support our low-income spay-neuter, pet food bank, and rescue transport services NOW at!

Sponsor an Animal

Sponsoring one of our kennels comes with...

The name of your choice being placed on the kennel

Recognition on our website and social media

Updates on and images of your sponsored kennel

A chance to be our sponsor of the month!

How it works...


Select the Type of Kennel

Are you a cat lover? Do lover? Both?


Select the Kennel Name

What would you like us to name the Kennel? This can be whatever name you deem fit!! 


Select Length of Sponsorship

Choose from our different options.

One Month Sponsorship

Six Month Sponsorship

Year Sponsorship

Learn More

Sponsor a Kennel

To maintain and upkeep our facilities and the care of our animas, we provide the opporunity for you to sponsor a kennel.

Sponsor a Kennel
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