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About Our No-Kill Shelter

AnimalVILLAGENM is a NO-KILL pet adoption center & animal-welfare facility. When we have open space and funding we partner with animal control facilities to rescue friendly, adoptable death-row dogs and cats. Our mission is to stop the killing of thousands of dogs and cats abandoned at AC facilities. Because of the enormous number of pets being abandoned, New Mexico’s under-staffed and under-funded animal control facilities cannot  keep them alive until committed homes are found. The vast majority of abandoned pets in New Mexico and in the United States never make it out of shelters alive. 

We are a private 501c3 non-profit, no-kill, all-breed rescue life-saving organization for pets abandoned to municipal shelters. We are located at a highly visible & accessible property on NM Hwy 54/70. We have ‘stepped out in faith’ that we will receive the funding and support to save the lives of the animals that we love.

AnimalVillageNM is NOT LEGALLY ALLOWED to accept stray pets. Contact your MUNICIPAL FACILITY. AnimalVillageNM DOES ACCEPT ALL dogs and cats PREVIOUSLY ADOPTED from AnimalVillageNM. If you need to return an AnimalVillageNM pet, contact us IMMEDIATELY at, or leave a message at 575-446-4685.

COVID - 19 Update


Due to the recent COVID - 19 outbreak, Animal Village NM is open by APPOINTMENT ONLY until further notice. Please call (575) 446-4685 to schedule an appointment, or contact us here on the website. We appreciate your continued support and cooperation so that we may continue to care for and help dogs, cats, and guardians in need! 

To those needing food to help feed their pets, we have a food bank available! 

In addition, we are able to take puppies 8-12 weeks old (2-3 months) for TRANSPORT who have proof of vaccinations. We are doing all that we can to lessen the strain of this virus on our community.


Call for details: (575) 446- 4685

Upcoming Events

Join us for our upcoming events! More information can be found on our Events Calendar.

Our Mission

To significantly reduce the numbers of abandoned pets being euthanized in New Mexico’s municipal facilities, to spay and neuter them so that the numbers of stray pets do not increase, to fully vaccinate them to stop the spread of disease, and to train the pets to be successful and loved in their new homes.

We strive to maintain self-sufficiency through helpful, coordinated pet services and well-advertised fundraising campaigns. This allows AnimalVILLAGENM to expand to an even more efficient, highly trained, communicative and motivated organization. 

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