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From Behind The Desk

I haven’t blogged in forever! Sitting here at Starbuck’s with Sunny in El Paso, after dropping off 5 puppies to be “altered” with El Paso Animal Services Center. It was an early morning for us, but totally worth the effort to do our part to reduce the numbers of unwanted puppies. I often think “Why doesn’t everyone just automatically spay or neuter their pet?” For me it was never an “option” it was just part of pet guardianship. I know the cost of the actual surgery can be intimidating, but so is the cost of an unwanted litter. It seems like such an easy solution. If cost is the issue, then hopefully folks will consider using the P.A.W. program in Otero and Lincoln County. We need to get the word out to pet guardians in our area, that help is available. We need to get more pets spayed or neutered!

Animal Village NM recently rescued two pregnant mommies, and one mommy with five newborn puppies, to save them from euthanasia. Yes, most animal control facilities euthanize pregnant dogs and cats. We found this horrifying, and decided to save as many as we could raise the funds for. We ended up with a total of 19 puppies and three mommies to care for. This includes spay/neuter, shots, microchip, feeding, potty training, obedience training and more! We took on these responsibilities, because we believe in what we are doing.

That said, we can’t do this without funding. I know it seems like we are always asking for money, but the reality is, nothing is free! We have to pay bills like everyone else. We also need to be able to pay our hardworking staff. Our caregivers work so hard seven days a week, no matter what the weather, no matter how tired they are. Our rescued hearts receive such amazing care and love while they are with us, and they go to their adoptive homes knowing love and kindness because of the devotion of our workers. Help us to continue to save precious lives by becoming a regular monthly sponsor. Click on the monthly sponsor donate button on our home page and choose your tax deductible, monthly donation amount. Please let your friends, neighbors and family know about our P.A.W. low-cost spay/neuter program! Call 575-446-4685 for more information.

And, as always, thank you for your time and your support. We truly could NOT do this without you!!

Judi Anderson, AVNM

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