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From Behind The Desk

Wow! It's time for another blog already! Where did the time go? Some days I feel like I just can't keep up with the calendar.

I want to talk about our wonderful caregivers. Each and every day, our caregivers show up at 7:00 am and start walking our rescued hearts, and begin cleaning out the indoor kennels. Then there's poop patrol for the outside kennels. Poop patrol is just what it sounds like, someone must remove the poop from the kennels so that our rescued dogs can have their breakfast, without a pile of feces nearby. Medications and feeding come next. These caregivers lovingly portion out and prepare over 100 food bowls each morning and deliver them to our hungry pets. Those bowls will also need to be washed as well after feeding time. The cleaning continues for our morning crew, with indoor kennels and spraying down the outdoor kennels, and water bowl check.

Soon, it's time for the afternoon crew to come in. They begin by walking dogs again, and another poop patrol. The cat room is next to be cleaned. Realize that there are nearly 20 litter boxes that must be emptied, and multiple kitty condos that must be cleaned out as well, plus sweeping and mopping of the floor. There is an afternoon feeding for some of our rescued hearts, which doesn't involve as many food bowls, but it is still an important part of the day. Then, one more walking session, poop patrol and final check of water bowls before the day ends.

This is a very basic look at what our caregivers do each and every day. There are many more aspects to their day, such as checking out our pets to see if they need ears cleaned and toenails clipped, or any other attention, and performing those tasks as well. All of this is done seven days a week. There are no holidays, and it doesn't matter what the weather is like outside. Our rescued hearts MUST be cared for every day of the year!

If anyone deserves to be compensated for their hard work, it is our caregivers. Animal Village NM is a non-profit organization, but we have bills just like every other business. We need to pay our employees! We need your help! Please donate! Become a regular monthly donor. It's easy to set it up through Pay Pal as a recurring payment, and that becomes money we can count on each month. We simply cannot do it without your help!!

We still need $4,631.08 to make payroll on Friday! Please help us meet those expenses!!

Use the donate button today, and help Animal Village NM continue to save the lives of abandoned pets!

Judi Anderson, AVNM

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