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From Behind The Desk

Today, I am writing from about as far from behind the desk as I can get. I am at home, on my laptop, no desk. It seems as though we have been in crisis at Animal Village NM forever, even though it has just been a few weeks. But, here we are, facing another payroll Friday, without enough money to pay caregivers. We also owe for the electricity bill, and workers comp insurance.

The summer months are typically the toughest on non-profit organizations and animal shelters in particular. People are busy with vacations and time off, and enjoying the summer weather, and then the whole back-to-school thing. But the need is still there. We still have to care for all of our rescued hearts. The bills don’t stop, just like the care doesn’t stop.

We need you! They need you! We simply can’t pull money out of thin air.

Here’s the thing, I do not like math, but I find myself doing it on a regular basis, as I try to keep Animal Village NM operational every month. If everyone reading this donated just $5.00 a month, regularly, we could pay our utilities without worry. If you donated, then shared it with your friends on Facebook and got them to donate as well, we could pay our workers comp insurance, see how it adds up?

Becoming a monthly donor is so easy through Pay Pal. You don’t need to have an account with them, nor do you have to have a credit card. You can have it taken out of your checking or savings account. Easy peasy! I know lot of people have a Netflix account. I do. And I never even think about making the payment, because I have it on automatic draft. My payment comes out every month, and I am able to watch my favorite shows, commercial free, whenever I like.

Let’s do that for Animal Village NM! Help us be able to care for our rescued hearts worry free!

I know there are folks out there that think “How can just $5.00 a month help Animal Village?” Okay, let’s do the math. Just 50 people donating $5.00 every month comes to $250.00. One hundred people donating just $5.00 a month would be $500.00. See how it adds up? That is money that we can count on, every single month. It would make a HUGE difference!

Ok, you may be asking, “Why are you only asking for $5.00 a month? Why not ask for more?” I ask for $5.00 because it is an amount most people can afford. It’s less than you would spend on a Vente Carmel Machiatto, or a double bacon cheeseburger with fries and a drink. Of course, I would love it if you would donate more, but, like I said, most people can afford $5.00 a month, easily. So, make coffee at home, or skip the burger joint once a month, donate that money, and save the lives of rescues at Animal Village NM!

We are just a small organization, operating in a very poor state, but we have already saved over 1,100 precious lives in less than six years. Do you realize that even large non-profit organizations regularly ask for donations? St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Ronald McDonald House, the ASPCA. Those are just a few. You see their ads on television, asking for donations. Just because we are a small organization, doesn’t mean we don’t need as much help as those larger non-profits. We do!!

Please become a regular monthly donor. Help us keep rescuing wonderful dogs and cats here in New Mexico. We can’t do it without you!! We are in danger of having to close our doors for good, because we can’t meet our expenses. Consider what will become of the 100 plus pets that are currently residing safely at Animal Village NM. They don’t have to fear for their lives, because they know they are safe. We MUST continue to keep our commitment, but we Can Not do that without your support.

Thank You!

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