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From Behind The Desk

Once again I find myself sitting at the keyboard, pondering. Today I am feeling very blessed. I am happy to have a job, working with people who feel the same way I do about animals, that allows me the freedom to speak out, and that also allows me to enjoy the unconditional love of our rescued hearts. And I don't mean just walking by a kennel and scratching someone on the head, I bring them into the office! Let them sit on my lap, on the desk, in my "In" basket, or even on the computer keyboard (Jasper). It's pretty fun! I get to know these beautiful hearts on a personal level. Very personal, because sometimes I have to mop up a tinkle accident, brush someone's fur, even clip some toenails. Or I literally get out from behind the desk, as I just came back in from walking Jack the Pug, who is spending the day with me and needed a little potty break.

People often say, "I could never work here, I would want to take them all home". It's true, I do want to take them all home, but I already have too many at home as it is. But, believe me, this is an excellent alternative! I know, you are thinking, "Don't you get attached to them?, Aren't you sad when they go away? Won't you miss them when they get adopted?" The answer is Yes! But the cool thing is, I have been a part of that wonderful pet's adoption process, and finding them the perfect forever home! I know that they will be able to live out their life with a guardian that has been approved and selected because they will give the same care, or better, that I would give them, if I could. So, it's always a bittersweet experience, but I certainly wouldn't want it any other way.

Not everyone can adopt, or volunteer, to help Animal Village NM. But everyone can certainly donate. Even if it is just $5.00 a month. I see those commercials on TV for the ASPCA that say "For just 18 cents a day...." , and it's true! $5.00 divided by 30 days, equals 17 cents. (Ya, I did the math). But if we had fifty people commit to donating $5.00 on a monthly basis, we would know that $250.00 a month could be applied to the care and feeding of our rescued hearts. Do some more math, and realize just how wonderful it would be for us, as a non-profit, to have more regular monthly donors, at any dollar amount! And it's easy to get started. Just click on the Donate button, and set up a regular donation through PayPal. We do it with Netflix, and Amazon, for our television entertainment, why not do it for the sake of our wonderful rescued hearts? Challenge your friends, co-workers and family. Make a difference! Help us, help them!

Thank you for your time.

Judi, Animal Village NM

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