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We Need YOU, Because they need US.

My name is Nancy Berg, and I am one of the co-founders of Animal Village NM.

Tomorrow, (Friday) March 18, is another payday and everyone is getting nervous...they are familiar with the drill. Unfortunately, they have been through this before. Honestly, more often than not.

If enough has not come in donations, they will have to hold their paychecks until they can clear. This is just not right. These people work so hard, and are so loving to our rescued babies, babies of all ages.

Many people think, “Oh, a non-profit, they get everything for free.” No, folks, we don’t. We’re a business like any for-profit business- we’re just not here to make money! The only break we get is not paying sales tax. At the same time, we have the same expenses of the for-profit business- unless you add in the care and feeding of more than one hundred precious lives, all with different needs, some growing, some dieting, some healthy, some wounded, some sociable, some terrified, some trained, some almost feral.

After paying federal payroll taxes and workmen's comp alone, which Sunny is struggling with today (as she is knee-deep in grant-writing and begging for food for the upcoming fundraiser also), there is still often a negative balance.

Man, how Sunny and I despise asking for money for payroll, for people who already give 150%, do not make much money, and have bills to pay, food to buy, and rent or house payments just like the rest of us. Yet people continue to insist they, “…should do it for free at Animal Village NM, and have second jobs to pay their bills.”

Really? Do you see THOSE people doing THEIR jobs for free?

Why our wonderful caregivers stick with us, is a mystery to people like that. But the truth is, they don’t understand the commitment in the hearts of people who truly want to make a difference for God’s blessed gifts on earth, our little 4-footed friends, who bring so much joy, and forgive us so much. They are simply that dedicated to the animals, truly love them, and are very loyal to AVNM.

We have lost a few really good people because of not having enough money that they can cash their checks immediately. Really can't blame hard as they have worked and now their needed pay is locked up because there have not been enough donations to cover the expenses.

Don't blame them at all. So here we are again, sweating payday...everyone.

It takes a lot of money to run a rescue no kill shelter. Before the Old English Bulldog rescue (50 pets in filth and danger) it was taking $20,000/month. I wonder how many additions onto our vets’ houses we have made over the last 5+ years. But they have staffs and bills to pay also! I am maxed out on the property and all the set-up expenses, plus emergency bail outs for just such things as this. I used to be financially comfortable. Well, these days, that's no longer true, but at least our pets are comfortable!

Sunny is in the same shape.....her finances from her former nice-paying job in the private sector are long-since destroyed, and her days and nights have been given to Animal Village NM for more than 5 years- the woman has not had a single day or night off. She is beyond exhaustion, but she somehow keeps fighting for the Village to survive during the day, and doing rounds at night, cleaning up poop, comforting scared pets, and giving medical care to those in recovery from surgeries and wounds, like those who were attacked at the puppy mill.…one did not survive her surgery after a horrific attack from other starving, un-socialized dogs.

You probably see the progress of these dogs today. That is the staff. That is the love and care they get, every day. That is the training Sunny begs for, from volunteers who are never enough in numbers, to get them homes faster, safer, better than the homes we used to find- who abandoned them again.

That is why we are constantly begging, reminding, pleading and asking for donations from the community....we can't exist without it. So this is the challenge....anyone reading this obviously cares about animals or they wouldn't be on this page. PLEASE…Dig into your pockets and bring your donation OF ANY AMOUNT to the shelter today and tomorrow, or make a donation online at, so we can pay these wonderful people who put up with this far more than they should have to.

If all you can possibly afford to donate is $5 or $10, GOD BLESS YOU. If enough of you get involved, very modest amounts by a large number of people grow into wonderful paying employees on time for their dedication. We greatly appreciate every dollar we get...and pocket change also, and don't waste any. We just have to keep asking and begging because it is so expensive to run an operation like this, but every one of these babies in this shelter are worth it.

God Bless you all for your help in keeping us open, to keep rescuing these precious dogs and cats!

Nancy Berg, co-founder, Animal Village NM

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