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Thank You, Thank You, Thank YOU!

As you learned in our last email, we were voted “Favorite Rescue” in a recent contest,

sponsored by Albertson’s Markets. This is one of those, ‘Gifts that Keeps on Giving!”

First, we received a donation from Alberston’s of $1,000, which helped greatly in January

to fund the care of our pets. The other part of the contest offerings, however, are even more impactful,

Alberston’s is sponsoring a big adoption event for us, at the White Sands Mall, on Cinco de Mayo, May 5, 2018.

So we have been BUSY, getting ready for this event, which has many many layers to it. First, we had to update all pet photos and videos (videos still in process), for SIXTY dogs and cats- a challenge with our small staff, for sure! Once updated on Petfinder, all photos had to be submitted to Alberston’s super digital marketing director, Samantha Hoover, in Texas. Why? They’re going to be featured on the checkstands at Alberston’s Markets! You know, those displays you see with great coupons, new items- and now, all the homeless dogs and cats, waiting for wonderful homes at Animal Village NM!

This was a huge challenge, with 11 pets having been returned and re-rescued, all over the country, whew. But they’re safely back now, and now the work starts for them again- finding COMMITTED homes, this time.

Animal Village NM keeps our commitment to every adopted pet, and that means, no matter how long it’s been since they were adopted, or for what reason they are no longer wanted. And our commitment to our SUPPORTERS means that we will do a great job on this event, because YOUR vote made it possible!

During this 4-hour indoor event, we’ll have all of our pets for potential adopters to meet, free application fees (savings of $25), vendors with pet products like pet insurance and instant customized I.D. tags, and the opportunity of having a photo taken with our Bulldog mascot, ‘Lunchbox McGee!’

BUT, this also means that we need YOUR support for this event to be a success. If you’re local (enough), we want to see you here at our ‘Cinco Dog MeowO’ event, visiting with our event vendors, and bringing your friends. If you’re not, please share share share our newsletter (forward to everyone you know), so that maybe someone else will know about it, and send it to their friends!

More in our next, ‘Whiskers & Wags’ with the details and names of vendors! Meanwhile, please follow (and like) our Facebook page, at

Thanks for caring, and reading, and forwarding, for the benefit of our sixty amazing dogs and cats, depending on your help to find great homes, at Animal Village NM!

Sunny Aris, Director

Animal Village NM

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