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Skylar Returns

When We Say, “Lifetime Commitment,” We Mean It.

And Skylar’s Glad About That.

When we were contacted by a municipal facility in Virginia, to let us know that our little adopted fella, ‘Skylar,’ was there, we went into action. Our commitment to our supporters is this, “We commit for life to every dog and cat we adopt, no matter what.” And we mean it. When our 2014 adopter PCS’d to Virginia, we learned that she sold him online, and had no idea where he had been. “I was just too busy to keep him,” she explained. What a dishonorable thing to do, shortly after she promised us that she would make contact with us to get him back, if she ever decided she didn’t want him anymore. She also signed a clear contract to that effect, so this story isn’t over. We promise our supporters that, also, that we fight in court to recover the resources spent when people breach our contract. We are also the first shelter in the country to do so, and register every verdict in district court, so that other rescues can now use our legal precedents to save their adopted pets again, also.

So we told the facility that we would be picking him up as soon as they would release him, and we did. One of our wonderful supporters, Heidi Gray, lives in Maryland, and our terrific admin, Maryann Morell, does also. Well, Heidi drove to Virginia to get Skylar out of the pound, and Maryann was waiting at home to foster him. Due to extreme weather, our transport plans (ground transports and volunteer pilots who could only fly 300 miles per leg) were frustrated several times. Maryann kindly offered to loan us the money for Skylar to be transported via Precious Pets Transport, and little Skylar was safely delivered back to the loving arms of our staff, last Saturday.

Skylar is very thin, but he’s already gaining a little bit every day, with our nourishing diet, including volcanic blue green algae with probiotics!

Skylar has been thoroughly tested and the only reason for his emaciated condition was lack of food, so he’s up for adoption again, and this time, with our adoption standards now much higher than when he was adopted, we’ll find him a fantastic home for life. Oh, by the way, he DANCES (watch his little video here), and with that sexy underbite, we think we’ll find that great home SOON.

Especially if YOU forward this newsletter to all your friends and family- remember, we adopt to great guardians all over North America!

Bless you all, and please send your prayers Skylar’s way, for that forever home, soon!

Adoption information, clear instructions about adopting, and adoption applications are available at

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