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with your Old Shoes!

We have another FANTASTIC Shoe Drive happening, thanks to wonderful supporters like Donna Lee, for example, with KPC in Las Cruces! Donna Lee, an amazing rescuer, talked to her co-workers and worked tirelessly last month to collect old boots, shoes, slippers, tennies, you name it...and brought a JEEP FULL OF SHOES to Animal Village NM last Saturday, to help us with the expenses of caring for sixty dogs and cats!

While Donna was here, I showed her and Shoe-Pal Siri around the shelter, and they met allllll the dogs and cats (bet they were tired after that lol), and saw the 7 acres planned for our new shelter. We had a blast while they were here, and what a blessing, they brought bags and bags and bags, it was amazing!

Here’s the video of Donna Lee and Siri’s visit, check out all the bags they brought….incredible.

And Donna Lee’s not the only one, we’ve had amazing support again this month for our year-round shoe drive. Local folks, and even people from Arizona, Texas, and Colorado, large and small numbers of pairs of shoes, old, new, adult, baby, cleats, snowshoes even, and they all count!

Wells Fargo jumped into the mix this month, and collected more than 100 pairs, and guess what...they even paired, banded and bagged them up. Thank you, Samantha, and all the great folks at Wells Fargo Alamogordo!

We’ve ordered the truck, which will be filled with...wait for far, we’re already over our goal, we have 124 bags, with 25 pairs each, so we’ve already earned our minimum donation of $1,000. Will YOU help us by bringing those old shoes from your closet? And by forwarding this newsletter to everyone you know? We have supporters all over North America, and who knows...someone in YOUR area might be coming this way. Maybe they (or you) will bring along some hitchhiker SOLES, to help our rescued hearts, and human beings all over the world- who need those shoes!

Linda Rardin of First Savings Bank is working every day, pairing and banding and bagging the shoes, with the help of her wonderful hubby, Johnny.

Shoes can be brought (pairs only please) to us at the shelter (if we’re not open you can leave on porch), at 7246 Hwy. 54 70, Alamogordo, NM, 88345, or to Linda Rardin, M-F, 8-4p, at First Savings Bank, 723 N New York Ave, Alamogordo, NM 88310.

Bless you all, who not only care- but help our rescued dogs and cats,

Sunny Aris, Director, Animal Village NM

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