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To Whom It Did Not Concern

To Whom it Did Not Concern,

I want you to know that the cat you left to fend for himself found his way to my home

3 years ago. He was scared of humans, and almost starved to death. But don’t worry (you’re obviously good at that), because I made sure he had food and water to drink, and made him a safe, warm place to lay his head. Even though he would not let me near him, I was loyal to him. I wanted him to know that there were humans who had that capacity. Humans who understood his value, and that he was a special, loving, wonderful blessing from God. I was always there to talk to him, and even though he wouldn’t let me touch him, he seemed to listen intently to every word I said. I think he knew that it all meant, “I see you, I love you.”

I have watched him for the last 4 weeks, losing weight and deteriorating, still trying to get

close enough, still trying to get him to come to me. I want you to know that he was a very

smart lion, and no trap was going to get him.

Then, two days ago, it happened. He needed someone to help him, so he came to me. He was still very unsure of my touch, but he was willing to take the gamble, and he approached me. Why now, you may ask. He approached me because he was sick, he needed help, his eyes were almost sealed shut from infection. Don’t worry, I sat with him, and it took more than an hour, but he let me clean them out.

I want you to know that for those two days, he was loved and petted. I want you to know that

I held him, and because he was too weak, I hand fed him. He was so weak by then, but he

purred and loved on me as well. I cried and wished he would have been able to let go of his

past quicker, and trusted me earlier, because maybe then I could’ve taken him to a vet and

saved his precious life. But by the time he came to me, he was so sick that everything inside

Sammy was shutting down, and it was too late to do anything but love him.

I want you to know that I was with him until the end, I took your responsibility, and helped him

pass over to the Rainbow Bridge. My heart is breaking because I feel somehow done more.

I feel like somehow, I failed Sammy, but I didn’t – YOU did. So for that, I despise you. I am

angry that you were so lacking in basic human compassion, that you could cast a precious

life aside, and move on without any thought for his life.

I wanted you to know that I named him Sammy, and that he was a very good boy. I loved

him and I truly believe that he loved me, too. I am honored that he chose me to be his

guardian, and I feel blessed that he finally trusted me to be with him.

I would also like to thank Vanessa for being with me through this journey. She too sat with

Sammy, and cuddled with him. He loved you, too, Vanessa, and he showed it. Sammy will

forever have a place in our hearts. He will always be with us. We will never forget him, even

though you did, you who abandoned him. We will never forget his cute, “Meow,” and warm purr.

Rest in Peace, Sammy. We love you.

Connie and Vanessa, Spokane, WA

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