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Yosemite Sam "Speaks"

I want to thank all those who support Animal Village NM in their life-saving work. No one is more grateful than I am for their commitment to saving New Mexico’s abandoned pets than I am- because I am one of them. I was a death-row puppy rescued by AVNM in 2013, and when I was adopted, it seemed that I’d be with my new family forever. But when my family abandoned me after moving to Orlando, Florida, Animal Village NM used frequent flyer miles and raised funding for my trip back. I was in terrible pain, because I’d been living with long-term injuries to both of my back legs, and had severely torn ACL’s, and lots of arthritic growth around them. So far, I’ve had two surgeries, and my first leg is so well healed that I will now have an easier time when my next surgery is performed. I don’t know many people who would keep such a commitment, fight so hard to provide a quality of life, face so many financial challenges- and never ever give up.

But that’s what Animal Village NM is about.

Over the years, because of stories like mine, AVNM has upgraded their standards of adoption every year, because they have had to re-rescue hundreds of their adopted pets, just like me, to make sure their commitment of lifetime safety and love is kept. Today, only pet guardians with glowing recommendations from their veterinarians, great personal references, and those who pass home inspections are allowed to adopt the great pets rescued by AVNM. Today, all dogs are obedience trained before being adopted, and commitments of spay and neuter surgeries, and obedience training for puppies are a strong part of each adoption contract. Animal Village NM has even gone to court to fight for the safety of pets they adopted, to folks who gave them away, put them in danger, and sadly, abandoned them to kill-facilities, instead of bringing them back to the safety of Animal Village NM.

Not everyone believes that 4-legged companions deserve this kind of commitment, but AVNM does. What AVNM is so grateful for, is that people like you support their work, and make it possible to continue saving precious lives.

Your tax-deductible donation to my campaign (the only political campaign of which this is true) will help fund the work of Animal Village NM, now caring for more than 100 rescued pets. Many of the Dona Ana County Old English Bulldog Puppy Mill survivors still need surgeries to correct long-term conditions due to poor breeding and lack of care.

I, Yosemite Sam, am the ONLY RePUPlican® Candidate for President. I seek your support, and support for responsible spay-neuter laws. I seek your active support, through supporting Animal Village NM with your donation, for the end to the suffering in puppy mills, and for stronger consequences in hoarding cases. I seek your support, with your donation today- to stop the abandonment of 130,000 pets in New Mexico annually, most of whom do not survive. At the same time, wonderful new guardians are flying and driving to Animal Village NM from Illinois, New York, California, Canada, and Colorado- because they want healthy, socialized, trained pets.

Please make a donation today- it is not a comparable situation to fully funded municipal kill facilities, who have pets for several days at the most, and then dispose of them, or send them to rescues. At AVNM pets have all the time they need to find homes, and many are at Animal Village NM for years of care, rehabilitation, training and loving daily care.

Donations are easy to make at

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