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RePUPlican Sam:

If I hadn't been rescued by Animal Village NM as a pup, you wouldn't be reading my blog today- I was on death-row.

When I arrived at Animal Village NM, I was loved, I mean, really loved. And when I was adopted in 2013, I thought I was going to be a part of my family forever- AVNM thought so, too.

But in 2015, I was given to another family, I didn't know why. I was hurting all the time, I'd been injured, and I kept hearing the new people say, "He just lays around all the time. What a nothing dog." I was on my way back to the pound- but this time, I was far from AVNM- I was in Orlando, Florida, where my new family had moved, before giving me away.

Thank goodness, my AVNM family found out what was happening, and my amazing foster mommy, Morgan Bristow, a Board member for AVNM, was on her way in a plane in no time, using something called 'frequent flyer miles,' and came to get me. Then, Lt. Colonel Mike Brasher and Melanie, his wife, put up the money for a cool rental SUV that was big enough for me to lay down in, and also used their hotel points, along with donations from supporters at AVNM- for my trip home.

I fell in love with Morgan, she is amazing and loving and I needed that! When I got back to AVNM, they began raising money for my surgery, to fix my legs. One surgery failed, but the second one has been great, and I have a great leg to stand on now! While I wait for my other surgery, to correct my other back leg, I want to make a difference for other dogs (and cats, I like them too) like me. Dogs and cats who have been abandoned, neglected, abused, and for whatever reason- left behind by the people we love.

So today, I want to thank everyone who helped my buddy, Old English Bulldog Cecil, with HIS life-saving surgery this week.

And I want to tell you that this is the way that Animal Village NM HAS to be funded in 2016, and from now on. Running in the red is not a way to run a business, and to keep amazing employees like the ones who loved me, and love me at AVNM, means they have to be paid so they can take care of THEIR pets, and THEIR families, for the hard work they do for all of us- the dogs and cats that the staff and volunteers call, "our Rescued Hearts."

The way it HAS to work is that every dog, every cat rescued, has to have donations come in from loyal supporters, to pay for our vet care, our spay and neuter surgeries, our wound care, our rehab, whatever we need to be family members again.

So please be looking for the campaigns for each of our pets, waiting for surgeries or special equipment or wound care, or special medications, or needing a specialist to correct or diagnose- or just to have spay or neuter surgeries. These campaigns will allow all of these great dogs and cats to be placed for ADOPTION to loving, responsible homes- with YOUR help, just by donating a few dollars when you are moved to help. You WILL make a difference- by helping Animal Village NM make a difference!

So, we thank you all, who supported Cecil this week, by DONATING for his surgery. This took the worry, the stress off of Animal Village NM, while they had to raise the money for salaries, and supplies, and mounting vet bills for the sick, badly wounded, and neglected Old English Bulldogs, and the regular vet care for the more than 100 pets now here at Animal Village NM.

This will allow the staff at AVNM to spend less time worrying about funding, and more time on our training, playtimes, socialization and rehabilitation, to take great photos of us, and tell everyone about us on Facebook and Petfinder, and get the word out faster, to get more volunteers to walk us- to find us homes faster. And that means, more hearts, more precious unique hearts will be rescued, and instead of hundreds each year, thousands of us will come to Animal Village NM, because people like YOU will donate to make it happen. To help Animal Village NM staff and volunteers do the 'heavy lifting,' while you make the financial donations- in any amount you can- to make it all 'pawsible' for guys like me- to find a FOREVER FAMILY.

So, now you know WHY I'm running for President. It's because I want EVERYONE to have the same chance I did- the chance to be rescued by people like those at Animal Village NM, who are waiting for YOUR support now.

Please- help them- to help LOVING HEARTS like mine TODAY.

RePUPlican Sam, for Animal Village NM

Donate now- it's tax-deductible- at


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