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RePuplican Candidate Sam Speaks

RePuplican candidate Yosemite Sam answers the question, "Why Is a No-Kill Shelter, like Animal Village NM, always in need of donations?"

Like any other non-profit, Animal Village NM must be funded largely by donations. But Unlike many other non-profits, they have living, breathing, loving beings to care for, every single day and night.

They have the same expenses as regular businesses - employees, cleaning supplies, equipment repairs, maintenance, insurance, utilities (except their 'office' is a shelter so utilities run 24/7), and office supplies.

And they ALSO have extraordinary never-ending veterinary bills, food, supplements, bedding, and emergency supplies to keep rescued babies as comfortable as possible!

Because they HAVE to keep them safe.

Let me share with you some of what is spent montly to allow Animal Village NM to continue to care for their rescued hearts.

Payroll - $9,000.00 Electric - $382.00

Pet Food and Supplements - $800.00 Workers Comp. Insurance - $352.00 Cleaning Supplies - $400.00

Veterinary Care - $4,000.00 to $5,000.00

Training Supplies - $625.00

Fuel, R/O water system, Phone systems, Internet - $324.00

Waste Removal - $93.00

Cat Litter - $240.00

Yes, the costs are overwhelming, but Animal Village NM is committed to continuing their efforts to save these wonderful animals, and finding them forever homes. This is why they need you.

They hope that when you consider donating, you will consider the commitment they keep to their shelter, and what it costs to keep it open.

They quite simply need more monthly sponsors - so that the care of all those rescued hearts is covered, so that they can concentrate on rescuing, training, advocating, and adopting those precious souls to committed forever homes.

They want to make a difference. A bigger difference.

They need your financial help.

Please become a monthly sponsor, so that Animal Village NM can keep providing futures to these death-row dogs and cats, who are out of time...without Animal Village NM.

Thank You!


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