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Why Do We Need Your Help to Raise $5k by Friday?

If it seems like we are always appealing to our followers and supporters for donations, well, we are. The cost of running and maintaining a No-Kill shelter is enormous. Especially after a huge rescue, where we brought over 40 Old English Bulldogs into our shelter, bringing our total of rescued dogs and cats to 115. We had to scramble to find, borrow, buy and build extra kennels to house the additional dogs. Plus, they all need to be vaccinated and spayed or neutered. Some of these bulldogs came with a variety of medical conditions that also need to be treated, such as Cecil, with a 6 inch hernia, who had to have four surgeries! Horatio came with mange and cherry eye, which required surgery. Miss Daisy and Mugs both have entropic eyelids, and each of them will need surgery. Albert has a congenital birth defect and to be able to walk in the future will need a surgery. And, don't forget, our RePuplican candidate Yosemite Sam still needs another surgery to correct his injury and end his pain.

I haven't even mentioned that each and every rescued heart here at Animal Village NM, needs daily care, such as feeding, walking, water, and of course poop-patrol. This requires us to have employees, which requires us to have worker's comp insurance, and of course, those employees need to be paid. There is also the cost of food, utilities, water and fuel. As we are a non-profit organization, we rely on donations to help fund all of these things. In order to be able to continue rescuing these wonderful animals, and giving them the care they deserve until we find them a forever home, we must continue to ask people like you to give. If money grew on trees, life would sure be a lot easier. But it doesn't, it simply has to come from caring people like you, reading this blog right now. Please become a monthly sponsor today! Ask your friends to become sponsors as well. Every donation counts, and we need yours!

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