Thank you for taking interest in adopting one of our healthy dogs or cats. Our no-kill organization has many pets, and a small staff, so we interface only with approved adopters, to conserve our time and resources.


To begin the adoption process, look over our adoptable pets, to choose some potential companions. Then, fill out the adoption application, using the link below, and submit your $25.00 application fee, so that we can begin verifying your references- if your current or previous pet care has been verified by your veterinarians, and your personal references have been verified, we will approve your application.

You may pay this fee at:

Once you have paid the fee (applicable to your adoption fee at the time of adoption), you may let us know via email at

This application asks for in-depth information so that we may determine if you are a good candidate for adopting one of our pets. Our dogs have had basic lessons, are fully vaccinated, and if old enough, spayed or neutered, and microchipped. This costs our organization hundreds to thousands of dollars, as we have a 9-acre shelter with 24-hour staff. Please carefully read the directions of each section as you fill out this form.

PLEASE NOTE!:  We only adopt animals out to adopters with PREVIOUS Primary Responsibility for a dog or cat. Because of poor results in the past, we can not adopt out to first-time animal caregivers.


Wyatt Earp

Wyatt Earp

Gorgeous AussieX puppy, sweet and cuddly. 6 weeks, will go FAST- follow directions and apply at Travel arrangements are adopters’ responsibility. All puppies Must be spayed or neutered by 5 months, NO BREEDING, no tail amputations!

Adoptions are offered on an approval/appointment basis, and all visitors must follow sanitary protocols. We adopt to experienced guardians all over North America with veterinarian-verified histories of excellent primary pet care, previous or current. Cats and dogs are adopted as indoor family members only, and no amputations, ‘declawing’, tail docking, or altering ears is allowed- ever. Doing so will constitute an actionable breach of contract.

If your information is verified and your application is approved, we’ll contact you to arrange a meet and greet with all family members, including ( in the case of dogs) your other family dogs. If application is not complete or references can’t be verified as provided, the $25 application fee will be acknowledged as a donation.

We adopt only to adopters willing to visit the shelter in person- no exceptions. Please do not contact the shelter until 48 hours after your application and application fee has been submitted, to give our staff time to process your application.


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