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International Homeless Animals Day

August 14, 2019

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April 7, 2018

Our Spring Fling Means… 2 Pets, One Adoption Free! We are so grateful that with the support of our donors, we have been able to re-rescue all of our abandoned pets, and those who were no longer wanted in their adoptive homes, after years. At the same time, each pet increases the cost of staff hours, meals, supplements, training (in the case of dogs) socialization, utility expenses, insurance and tax expenses. We’ve gotten all our babies re-checked and they’re all back to health, now we have to find them HOMES and get back to affordable numbers of pets, who all have enough personal attention from our staff...

April 7, 2018

with your Old Shoes!

We have another FANTASTIC Shoe Drive happening, thanks to wonderful supporters like Donna Lee, for example, with KPC in Las Cruces! Donna Lee, an amazing rescuer, talked to her co-workers and worked tirelessly last month to collect old boots, shoes, slippers, tennies, you name it...and brought a JEEP FULL OF SHOES to Animal Village NM last Saturday, to help us with the expenses of caring for sixty dogs and cats!

While Donna was here, I showed her and Shoe-Pal Siri around the shelter, and they met allllll the dogs and cats (bet they were tired after that lol), and saw the 7 acres planned...

April 7, 2018

When We Say, “Lifetime Commitment,” We Mean It.

And Skylar’s Glad About That.

When we were contacted by a municipal facility in Virginia, to let us know that our little adopted fella, ‘Skylar,’ was there, we went into action. Our commitment to our supporters is this, “We commit for life to every dog and cat we adopt, no matter what.” And we mean it. When our 2014 adopter PCS’d to Virginia, we learned that she sold him online, and had no idea where he had been. “I was just too busy to keep him,” she explained. What a dishonorable thing to do, shortly after she promised us that she would make contact with us...

April 7, 2018

As you learned in our last email, we were voted “Favorite Rescue” in a recent contest,

sponsored by Albertson’s Markets. This is one of those, ‘Gifts that Keeps on Giving!”

First, we received a donation from Alberston’s of $1,000, which helped greatly in January

to fund the care of our pets. The other part of the contest offerings, however, are even more impactful, 

Alberston’s is sponsoring a big adoption event for us, at the White Sands Mall, on Cinco de Mayo, May 5, 2018.

So we have been BUSY, getting ready for this event, which has many many layers to it. First, we had to update all pet photos and videos (...

After meeting Spice and her sister Cinnamon in 2010, Spice has gone to her 'princess home' with one of our trusted adopters, Kathy Mongaraz. We all cried with Kathy when she shared that her former AVNM adopted dog, 'Big Larry,' named 'Ari' by she and her husband, had died. After losing her beloved husband just a few months ago, the loss of sweet Ari was more than Kathy could bear. She called me, wanting to know if we had any calm, mature dogs looking for a new mommy. 

Everyone at Animal Village NM had the same thought..."Spice!" But we know that God always has a bigger plan than we do, and I had to remind...

To Whom it Did Not Concern,

I want you to know that the cat you left to fend for himself found his way to my home

3 years ago. He was scared of humans, and almost starved to death. But don’t worry (you’re obviously good at that), because I made sure he had food and water to drink, and made him a safe, warm place to lay his head. Even though he would not let me near him, I was loyal to him. I wanted him to know that there were humans who had that capacity. Humans who understood his value, and that he was a special, loving, wonderful blessing from God. I was always there to talk to him, and even though he wou...

March 12, 2018

Overloading on cute is not a bad thing, especially when you’re talking small packages. That’s Squirt and Cisco in a nutshell, two brothers who sleep in each others’ arms, play and eat and breathe as one puppy. Adorable, playful, sweet and cuddly, and they LOVE to splash and play in the pond.

Just about 2 years old, these babies were rescued by Adult Protective Services workers, who found them in a grotesque hoarding environment- we’re so grateful for the caring hearts of these angel humans, who brought them to us.

Trained and fully vaccinated as are all of our rescued hearts, these boys are ready to be YOUR...

March 12, 2018

Special Circumstances

Those of you who follow our adventures know that Animal Village NM is a very special no-kill animal shelter. What is special is the commitment we make to every single adopted dog or cat, that as long as they live, they are welcome back in the safe arms of our staff, at Animal Village NM. If their adopters die, if they lose their jobs, or are unwanted for any reason by their adopters, we not only allow them to come back, but we fight to get them back from kill facilities or unsafe conditions. We make sure the adopters are experienced pet guardians with excellent recommendations from th...

September 15, 2017

     I haven’t blogged in forever! Sitting here at Starbuck’s with Sunny in El Paso, after dropping off 5 puppies to be “altered” with El Paso Animal Services Center. It was an early morning for us, but totally worth the effort to do our part to reduce the numbers of unwanted puppies. I often think “Why doesn’t everyone just automatically spay or neuter their pet?” For me it was never an “option” it was just part of pet guardianship. I know the cost of the actual surgery can be intimidating, but so is the cost of an unwanted litter. It seems like such an easy solution. If cost is the issue, then hopefully...

October 19, 2016

     It is definitely past time for me to do a blog, so, let me get to it.  Animal Village NM and it's staff have been through some tough weeks.  We totally ran out of money, and could not afford to pay our caregivers.  Many of them had to find other jobs, myself included, to be able to make ends meet.  But, our pets still needed to be cared for on a daily basis, so many of our caregivers continued to come in each day on a volunteer basis!  This meant everything to our beloved rescued hearts! 

    But, Sunny and I were hopeless, we really thought we were going t...

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