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International Homeless Animals Day

August 14, 2019

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August 14, 2019

Dogs as pets are becoming more and more of a staple in American family life. In fact, 60 percent of dog owners let their dog sleep on their bed or in their bedroom with them.

Although the majority of dog owners seem to take part in shared-bedroom practices, there are many who oppose allowing your pet in the bedroom, and for good reasons.

If you’re considering whether or not sharing your bed with your pet is right for you, hearing the pros and cons may help you weigh out the decision.

Reasons To Share the Bed

For a well-adjusted and well-behaved dog, the pros of having a dog sleep with you may outweigh the con...

We are convinced by these results that transport is the answer to rescuing thousands of dogs and cats in the coming years, and we are happy to say that because of the health and training of our dogs (see, ‘Why Our Pets are Vibrantly Healthy’ on our website), we are adding more rescue partners every week!

We want to give HUGE thanks to our new board president, Richard Feit (see his letter of introduction in this newsletter), who transported our most recent three passengers, Cecil the Old English Bulldog (rescued in the Dona Ana County Old English Bulldog Puppy Mill rescue), Red Rider the Red Heeler puppy, a...

Hey, Animal Lovers!

You’re Invited to Celebrate ‘INTERNATIONAL HOMELESS ANIMALS DAY’ at AnimalVILLAGENM No-Kill Shelter in Our ‘Barking’ Lot, this Saturday, 9a-2p! We’re located at 7246 Hwy. 54 70. We’re pulling out all the stops: PAW program low-cost spay-neuter registrations, 50% adoption fees for pre-approved adopters, microchip services, service dog and in-home K-9 training information, huge Boho jewelry sale, shelter tours, silent auction, raffles…and a Vegan menu for you to try!

AnimalVILLAGENM staff, volunteers, and visitors will join the worldwide crusade to enlighten society, elected officials, and...

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