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International Homeless Animals Day

August 14, 2019

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October 19, 2016

     It is definitely past time for me to do a blog, so, let me get to it.  Animal Village NM and it's staff have been through some tough weeks.  We totally ran out of money, and could not afford to pay our caregivers.  Many of them had to find other jobs, myself included, to be able to make ends meet.  But, our pets still needed to be cared for on a daily basis, so many of our caregivers continued to come in each day on a volunteer basis!  This meant everything to our beloved rescued hearts! 

    But, Sunny and I were hopeless, we really thought we were going t...

September 15, 2016

   Wow! It's time for another blog already! Where did the time go? Some days I feel like I just can't keep up with the calendar. 

   I want to talk about our wonderful caregivers. Each and every day, our caregivers show up at 7:00 am and start walking our rescued hearts, and begin cleaning out the indoor kennels. Then there's poop patrol for the outside kennels. Poop patrol is just what it sounds like, someone must remove the poop from the kennels so that our rescued dogs can have their breakfast, without a pile of feces nearby. Medications and feeding come next. These caregivers lovingly portion...

August 5, 2016

     So, today I am actually sitting behind a different desk.  The computer that I usually do all my work from just quit.  After a quick diagnostic test at MDC Computers we learned that the capacitors are shot.  Even computers get old, and unfortunately, that is what happened today.  The good news is, all the data can be saved, but the bad news is, we will need a new computer.  There ya go!  It really never ends does it?  Just when you think it's all golden, you take another hit. But, that's life isn't it?  Full of ups and downs.  It's just a little more stressful when there are over 100 precious lives de...

July 6, 2016

     It has been a crazy-busy couple of weeks since I sat here and pondered the universe. We had a very busy weekend, with our boarding kennels full of beloved pets, some who were adopted from here, and some new friends as well.  There were lots of walks on the trail, and fun time spent in our beautiful park with our special guests.  Yes, I came out from behind the desk to help with some of those walks, and I really did enjoy myself.  I am glad all of our pet guardians had safe journeys and that we were able to love their pets while they were away.  

     While I always e...

June 20, 2016

     Once again I find myself sitting at the keyboard, pondering.  Today I am feeling very blessed.  I am happy to have a job, working with people who feel the same way I do about animals, that allows me the freedom to speak out, and that also allows me to enjoy the unconditional love of our rescued hearts.  And I don't mean just walking by a kennel and scratching someone on the head, I bring them into the office! Let them sit on my lap, on the desk, in my "In" basket, or even on the computer keyboard (Jasper). It's pretty fun!  I get to know these beautiful hearts on a personal level. Very personal, beca...

June 4, 2016

     Since we are having a special promotion for the month of June, $10.00 cat adoptions, and since I am the epitome of the "crazy cat lady" I feel like I need to do a blog about cats.  So, here I go.....


     I know, not everyone is a cat person.  In fact, Sunny and I had a conversation yesterday about how you can tell if you are a cat person or not.  No, we never did come to a definitive conclusion on the subject, but I still have some thoughts anyway.


     I do believe that anyone can become a cat person (provided they do not have allergies, yes, I know some peop...

May 19, 2016

    Every week at Animal Village NM brings new challenges, and I never know from one day to the next what will happen,  where I will find myself, or what interesting thing I will be doing.


    On Tuesday I found myself sitting in a dimly lit room, on a small cushion, with my arm around Missy D, as she received a bio-feedback treatment at C.A.P.P.E.D.  I know, you are asking, why? Well, apparently, Missy D had a stroke on Monday.  It affected her right side, and she was having trouble walking, and eating.  I didn't even realize dogs and cats could have a stroke! But they had taken her to see...

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